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I'm Roan Wade

Art has always been a way for me to have a voice, a way of silently shouting my beliefs, a way of seizing space, and a way of raising awareness for issues I am organizing around. I view art as a means of communicating resistance and highlighting the ongoing intersectional struggles for our collective liberation. My art is inseparable from activism, whether through creating art directly intended for protests or by using my own experiences with queer youth homelessness, housing and food insecurity, homophobia, sexism, and sexual harassment and violence to highlight that the personal is political.

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One of my main goals as an artist is to break down the barriers between the viewer, the art, and the artist.  I want viewers to interact with my work and, in the process, become part of the work itself. Work that only exists in galleries and museums is inherently inaccessible. Instead of making community members come to art, I want to bring art to the community and incorporate the community into my art-making process.

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