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Home Series

My Home series consists of several works utilizing geometric patterns with architectural undertones to explore the concept of what makes something “home”. Many of my works, including those within this series, incorporate architectural influences inspired by my experience with queer youth homelessness. As I work to process my past and document the housing crisis through my personal experience with it, I find myself driven toward incorporating repetition into my work. We find home within the repetition we engage in during our day-to-day lives. The monotony of this repetition provides us with a sense of stability not afforded to those who lack access to the security of basic necessities. While the daily repetition of tasks we often take for granted may not seem revolutionary, repetition is also the building block of all social movements. The revolution, and our capacity to make positive change in the world, happens through relentless repetition. By acknowledging the revolutionary potential of incorporating the revolution into our daily lives we unlock the potential to build social movements and achieve wide-scale changes to the status quo.

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