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Repetition Series

This series of pieces is intended to highlight the relationship between repetition, nature, and revolutionary change. The charcoal patterns were created using the negative space created by tessellating leaves, and several of the triangular patterns cut into the paper were inspired by the natural occurrence of Fibonacci spirals in nature. Drawing both on my obsessive relationship with repetition as someone with OCD and the constant and repetitious Sisyphean struggle of activism, I sought to find beauty within the repetition I observe daily. Instead of viewing repetition as something that must be combated, through this series I wanted to capture the stability, beauty, and hope we can find in incorporating change-making practices into our daily lives. All revolutionary change is achieved through repetition. We can create change, find hope, and achieve a sense of stability, by incorporating repetitious acts of resistance into our day-to-day lives. By finding ways to carry out acts of resistance daily, we can build the grassroots movements needed to combat climate change. Repetition is not something to be rebelled against, but to be used as a tool of rebellion.

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